Monday, June 7, 2010

Days 22-27: World's best climbing

If monkey's had wings, they'd certainly use them here. The mighty forearm pump that these tufa latent walls manifest is just ridiculous! To date, I will go on record to make the following claim: Rodellar is hands down the best place to climb in the world. This route, El Delfin, proves it:

Despite the fact that we climbed for 5 days straight (no rest days, just lots of love for this place!), Di found a way to get her crush on:

The mid day siesta was luxurious at the many oasis spots along the shore line of the river that flows through the canyon of Rodellar.

The great thing about traveling with Diana was that she made sure we did Spain with style.

Our style didn't go to far though. Here was our daily lunch routine:

The dogs in Spain were as strange as our chorizo.

When leaving Rodellar, we made the most room we could with our new friends Stephan and Makenzie. Holy cow! Four people, four climbing packs, a carry on bag and a bike were all crammed into the Mini Cooper for 3 hours. We felt like clowns.

On the way to Barcelona, we took a huge detour. We stopped to visit a museum of one of my favorite artists, Salvador Dali.

After seeing my friend off to the airport, I think that I already miss Di!

Just to warn you folks back in Denver, she's traveling for about 28 hours straight due to some flight issues...please give her a foot massage or something upon her return. She also likes chorizo...a lot!


  1. Hi Brian:

    I'm Bego. Congratulation for your blog. It's very interesting and I'm very happy to meet you in Rodellar. Good job. Enjoy yourself in my country.

  2. B,

    Your post, as always, was quite interesting. I hope that you continue to enjoy yourself in Bego's country, too.