Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trains share the tracks with climbers

This fall I had the pleasure of falling in love with a spectacular climbing area located right here on the front range. The hour long hike is amazingly beautiful and finishes with a little adventure through a lively train tunnel - the tunnel houses train traffic multiple times each day. Although it's relatively safe, I've seen the hike into the darkness of this tunnel shake the nerves of even the most committed rock climbers. No one wants to get pinned down in this tunnel when a train is rolling through.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hueco Tanks

Chior Boys Lite was my first ever V7 send. The double heelhook start and knee bar love made this problem absolutely spectacular! I didn't get the whole problem on video. However, this wasn't the best part of the trip anyway. Nothing could beat the morning gangsta music leading up to the daily crushfests that my boys Alan and Hip Hop displayed. Holy cow those boys can crank! In the picture below, Hip Hop is throwing out the gangsta vibe, Alan is watching the road from the back seat while I drive and snap a photo of us bumpin' to 2Pac's "California Love." We also each became Junior Rangers by filling out a coloring book. We have patches to prove our valor! What a spectacular trip!

Here's a shot of the Hueco Tanks landscape: