Friday, April 8, 2011

ROAD to wear

Golden to Denver seemed like a much more interesting ride when suddenly this thought occurred to me. What if capitalism morphed into a choice driven opportunity that focused on rewarding those who most rewarded others?

Let's assume a state takes on this idea. I'm now curious. Given my affection for biking, what quality of bikes will this state produce? I'm serious (think about the larger implications of this discussion). Furthermore, how will we determine who is most rewarding others?

On my short drive from Golden to Denver, I think that I went from wanting to change capitalism to understanding its necessity. Unless we're going to make communism a reality such that we focus on trying to make all distribution of wealth equal without regard to effort, then I think we're doing ok.

So I must ask, why is my government shutting down if we're doing ok? Something must be really screwed up in the philosophy that our economy breads if we can shutdown a government during already difficult economic times.

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  1. Funny thing was, about 20 minutes before I wrote this post, the republicans actually stopped their stupidity and worked with the democrats to sign a bill that kept our government from shutting down.