Sunday, November 21, 2010

tucked home

History, even that of personal experience, can be lost. This trip home has already reminded me of missing what I did not know that I miss. I miss my mother's home all the way from the tree filled backyard to the stuffed animals that accent the mommy decorum. Quite frankly, I miss my mother. She drove through the night to love me with hospitality that only a momma can give. I am staying in a home who knows nothing of me, yet I feel like my entire childhood lives in the walls. I feel at home; what a strange thing to forget. Home: what a wonderful thing to find again. I am thankful for my momma.

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  1. My Dear Brian, You are so very special to me....I love when you come home..we have so much fun. You love Colorado and I really understand why..That has always been my dream to live there. I will fulfill that dream when I retire. God Bless Colorado and Brian and his Momma. Love you Brian. Your Momma